Feb/March 1997 THE IRANIAN Issue No. 9

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THE IRANIAN is an independent bimonthly magazine, free from political or religious affiliations.

Articles, opinion pieces or artistic works can be submitted for future issues.

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Dedication & Thanks

THE IRANIAN is dedicated to my daughter Mahdiyeh Javid in hopes that one day she will understand how important it is to speak your mind freely. Also to my dearest parents Shireen Bakhtiar and the late Manouchehr Javid; I owe it all to them.

Thanks for making the 9th issue of THE IRANIAN a reality: A very special thanks to my loving sister Iran Javid Fulton for her constant love and support and my endless gratitude to Nersi and Bella Ramazan-nia for taking in a sloppy Internet fanatic (among other things) and being so so kind and patient. I would also like to express thanks to Bruce Bahmani, Shahrokh Mortazavi, Reza Bourghani and Pat Bergerstarsse for their sincere friendship and kind generosity. And of course this magazine could not get to where it is without Karim Ardalan and Hossein Mashhadi and Anoosh Hosseini. Mamnoon guys :-)

Jahanshah Javid

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Jahanshah Javid
Jahanshah Javid, owner Abadan Publishing Co, Berkeley, California.
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Karim Ardalan:
Multimedia Internet Services, Inc. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Hossein Mashhadi:
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Who's who
This issue contains articles or works by:
Al-e Dawud, Ali.
Alemi, Massud. Washington, DC.
Algar, Hamed. Berkeley, California.
Amiri, Kourosh. Palo Alto, California.
Arabshahi, Payman. Seattle, Washington.
Ashraf, Ahmad. Princeton, New Jersey.
B.Zadeh, Hossein. London, England.
Bakhtiar, Shireen. Rochester Hills, Michigan.
Behnoud, Masoud. Tehran, Iran.
Behbahani, Khashayar. London, England.
Behbahani, Simin. Tehran.
Curzon, Geroge N.
Dadgar, Ali. Oakland, California.
Elgood, Cyril
Fulton, Matthew. Rochester Hills, Michigan.
Googoosh. Tehran.
Hanaway, William L. ,Jr.
Hooshmand, Kamran. Austin, Texas.
Jaberi, Bahar M. Portland, Oregon.
Javid, Jahanshah. Berkeley, California.
Kassai, Hassan. Tehran, Iran.
Mafinezam, Alidad. Rutgers University, New Jersey.
Mahdi, Ali Akbar. Delaware, Ohio.
Ma'sumi Nik-Qalb, Nader. Tehran.
Moosavinejad, Omid. Gathersburg, Maryland.
Namazi, Siamak. New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Nazeri, Shahram. Tehran, Iran.
Nejat, Fariba. Santa Clara, California.
Perry, William. Washington, DC.
Pipes, Daniel. Pennsylvania University.
Parsi, Kourosh. Sydney, Australia.
Parsipour, Shahrnoush. Albany, California.
Ramazan-Nia, Nersi. Berkeley, California.
Rastegar, Kamran. San Francisco, California.
Remnick, David. New York, New York.
Rosen, Laura. Miami, Florida.
Roberts, J.M.
Sadri, Mahmoud. Dallas, Texas.
Sharif, Nina. Albany, California.
St. Vincent, David. London, England.
Tabib, Ramin. Los Angeles, California.
Tabibzadeh, Shabnam. Cupertino, California.
Taghizadeh, Tara. Washington, DC.
van Dillen, Lailee. San Mateo, California.
Ziaie, Shadi. Pleasant Hill, California.
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