Feb/March 1997 THE IRANIAN Issue No. 9

Photo: Rug

Courtesy Atiyeh International rugs

Headline: I'm not a rug

Omid Moosavinejad
Gaithersburg, Maryland

In response to the article "Those (Pesky) Persian Women! " by Gelareh Abedi.

I thought the experience you encountered was rather interesting. I myself, a 20 year old Persian hmm... excuse me Iranian (so used to the weaseling) male have encountered similar experiences. It's like these adults want us to fulfill a fantasy they didn't. Its like their mission in life is to complain, and come up with reasons why we (the youth) are misled.

So I'm not studying to become a doctor or engineer -- sue me!! So I don't care whether my car is a Mercedes or a BMW. If fact, I'm not ashamed of taking the bus. Don't talk to me, see if I care. So I don't worry about whether one hair is sticking up after I comb it, and I don't smother my head with fragrance filled gel until my head looks like a pile of grease, and smells like a perfume stand. Call me a loser. In fact, I'm bald. Well it's growing back now, but still.

It seems that Iranians have been programed to please the fellow Iranian rather than please themselves. In the process of doing so, they step on, degrade, and put each other down, as much as they possibly can. Hence, a society of selfish prettyboy's and materialistic demagogues. I see this as a major problem that will cause repercussions of disastrous proportions.

Most Iranian men lack the essence of manhood. Most Iranian women are too concerned about their looks. Most Iranians period are too concerned about the image they portray. Because of this, they lack individuality. Now don't get me wrong, I don't leave home without showering, and slapping on the deodorant. When my hair grows back, I do plan on brushing it. I'm all for an impressive presentation.

But I won't lie to give it. I won't tell you that my father is a doctor when he's really a taxi driver. Not that my father is a taxi driver, but if he was I wouldn't be ashamed of it. I would be damn proud of it! As long as he provides love for the family and puts food on the table, I wouldn't respect him any less. Why should anyone else? I'm tired of meeting Iranians that try to do nothing but impress their fellow Persians. They're not Iranian, they're Persian. Guess what? Persians don't exist. They haven't existed for many years now!

I'm tired of meeting biology majors that end up hating their life after their third year, and when they finally finish undergrad wish they'd studied something else. I'm tired of hearing them say, "Well at least Persians will respect me." What do you need respect from Persians for. A group of people that don't even acknowledge reality. You are Iranian, not Persian. You speak Farsi, not Persian. You are a human being not a rug.

It seems that Iranians are so preoccupied with image, they end up living a life as a puppet of the more intelligent man, concerned more with personal happiness rather than other people's conception of them. Being imperfect beings, its hard not to fall victim to this programing. But I suggest that we have more control than we think, or at least more than they (the Programmers themselves) think we have. We have the option of choosing our destiny. We don't have to study Biology because Persians say so.

Now keep in mind who Persians are. You might have Persians in your family, among your friends, at school, work, wherever. I personally am Iranian. My rug is Persian. I don't have a cat, but if I did, it would be a Persian. We, as individuals, have the option of studying anything we wish, and satisfy ourselves rather than Persians.

My message to you, Ms. Young Persian Female is to, before it's too late, rethink the reasons why you've chosen your major, and ask yourself, whether you'll be happy living a life where you must live up to nonsensical expectations set forth by a generation of insecure, materialistic, and selfish people too concerned about the opinion of their friends, than their own happiness, and so ashamed about their nationality, they go as far as declaring themselves Italian.

Don't fall victim to this society of ashamed and unpatriotic Losers (note the capital L). Just because they have conflicting opinions regarding what a government should be, they don't need to disown themselves. Now if you love biology, and you have a knack for it, and you couldn't imagine yourself doing anything but continuing this predetermined future already set for you, then by all means, pursue it, and excel in it. Whatever route you decide to take, remember, don't play unless you play to win.

In no way am I attempting to put you down. My attempt is to open your mind as well as the channels of communication between us, two young Iranians, living in an illogical world.

Don't forget to smile!! :)

May you live long and prosper, the way you choose to, not the way chosen for you. :)


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