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Week of June 11, 2001

By Mitra Faalgir

Farvardin: Aries
Enjoy a week of entertaining and visitors...A good time to accomplish much and influence others.

Ordibehesht: Taurus
Put other people and projects before yourself this week. Enjoy the money, but don't over-indulge.

Khordad: Gemini
Be as honest yet tactful as you can. This too shall pass.

Tir: Cancer
Something new is starting! Take initiatives. Take care of yourself.

Mordad: Leo
Be sure to find ways to balance the stresses of your work. Get Physical!!!

Shahrivar: Virgo
This is a better time to plan than to risk, as you'll be mixing business and pleasure, family and friends...

Mehr: Libra
You'll do well to see and be seen this week...take any opportunity to travel; just don't get too full of yourself.

Aban: Scorpio
Watch your motives as your intuition inspires you to figure people out. There could be a blessing in disguise, or help with financial concerns.

Azar: Sagittarius
Forgiving and forgetting is the gracious way of dealing with other people's imperfections; at least until you are ready to deal with your own. Listen more to realize how much you are appreciated.

Dey: Capricorn
A relationship must be able to GROW and CHANGE if it is going to last.Trust your emotions. Meanwhile, grab all the opportunities available for your success.

Bahman: Aquarius
Keep your head on when you are negotiating with "things"; especially when you are dealing with affairs of the heart.

Esfand: Pisces
It is up to you what you choose to do. HOWEVER, this time, the stars are determined to give back to you what you give to others. EVERYTHING will have it's consequences.

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