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Iran's Gay Underground Railroad | Vocativ

The day they met, Sepehr Rajaei, a 32-year-old from the Iranian city of Isfahan, warned his date that they couldn’t see each other often. Just a few people knew that Rajaei was gay, and he hoped to avoid whatever questions might come from regular trips to Tehran, where his now boyfriend, Ata Leysi, lived and they first got together on a cloudless J ... ... Continue reading »

Elders to visit Iran to promote dialogue with West | Yahoo News

Tehran (AFP) - A group of former global leaders known as the Elders, tasked with encouraging dialogue between Iran and the international community, is due to arrive in Tehran Sunday, their website said. The group, formed in 2007, is made up of twelve global leaders who try "to promote peace, justice and human rights," according to their website. Th ... ... Continue reading »

Kerry confronts U.N. over invitation to Iran | The Washington Post

Secretary of State John F. Kerry has called Ban and will continue the lobbying effort Monday, U.S. officials said in Washington. They reiterated that the United States opposes Iranian participation even in the meeting of foreign ministers that will open the event unless Tehran endorses the original ground rules. Iran’s latest statement refuting acc ... ... Continue reading »

Iranian-Armenians Want Rouhani to Recognize Genocide | Asbarez Armenian News

YEREVAN (Armenpress)—The major contemporary problem facing the Armenian community of Iran is socio-economic in nature, but the recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide is still the most important issue, the Deputy of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Karen Khanlarian, stated at the course of a press conference held on Jul ... ... Continue reading »

Chinese firms drop Iran as latest U.S. sanctions bite| Reuters

Two top Chinese shipping lines severed ties with Iran as tough new U.S. sanctions over the country's disputed nuclear programme came into effect on Monday, leaving the country increasingly dependent on front companies and overland routes.   Many of Iran's imports, including food and consumer goods, arrive by ship, either directly or via feeder serv ... ... Continue reading »

U.S. puts jets in Jordan, fuels Russian fear of Syria no-fly zone - Yahoo! News

BEIRUT (Reuters) - The United States said on Saturday it would keep F-16 fighters and Patriot missiles in Jordan at Amman's request, and Russia bristled at the possibility they could be used to enforce a no-fly zone inside Syria.   Washington, which has long called for President Bashar al-Assad to step down, pledged military support to Syrian rebel ... ... Continue reading »

Iran, Rouhani Victory Improves Chances For Face-Saving Nuclear Deal - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

The decisive election of Hassan Rouhani as Iran’s next president is a message to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that the majority of Iranians reject Khamenei’s message of “resistance” and confrontation with the outside world.The Supreme Leader, who told the United States on Friday to “go to hell” for disparaging Iran’s qualified democracy, i ... ... Continue reading »

Dog lovers face backlash as Iran challenges pet trade - YNet News

Iran is again cracking down on people with pet dogs, viewed as unclean in Islam, but Soroush Mobaraki says sales are booming despite fears the pooches might be "arrested" and their owners fined.     This veterinary pharmacologist, sitting in the small Tehran pet shop he owns, said "there has been a sharp increase in demand for dogs in recent years. ... ... Continue reading »

Iran Liberating Libidos -

Statistics show that things are getting hot and heavy in Iran, where an unexpected sexual revolution is underway. Perhaps young Iranians’ active sex lives are the perfect passive resistance.   Thirty years ago, associating Iran with sexual freedoms would have earned you some fairly incredulous, perhaps even derisive, glances. Iran, with its strictn ... ... Continue reading »

US extends Iran sanctions relief to China - Yahoo! News

The Obama administration will extend six-month sanctions exemptions to China, India and seven other countries for significantly reducing oil imports from Iran, officials said Tuesday, as the U.S. imposed new measures against companies believed to be acting as a front network to help the Iranian government evade international financial restrictions. ... ... Continue reading »

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