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Iranian Prisoners @IranianPrisoners

Bringing light to human right violations and Iranian civilians unjustly imprisoned by the Islamic Republic of Iran regime

Free World

Tehran tries to inspire residents to follow 'Islamic lifestyle' via comics

An ad in a Tehran bus. The man on the right says, “Why are you staring at my wife? She’s just wearing a tight manto [an Iranian coat], and her hair is peaking out of her scarf, and she’s wearing a little makeup! That doesn’t mean you can stare at her!” The man on the left answers, “Sir, I swear to G ... Continue reading »

Russia, Iran Defy U.S.’s Kerry With Their Oil-for-Goods Accord

Russia signed an accord that may turn it into the largest importer of oil from Iran, also isolated by international sanctions, in defiance of U.S. threats. The two countries signed a five-year memorandum of understanding to expand trade cooperation, the Russian Energy Ministry said today in an e-mai ... Continue reading »

Gaza campaign on pace to become deadliest Israeli conflict in recent years

JERUSALEM — Palestinian and Israeli casualties are mounting at a pace that could surpass any other Israeli conflict in nearly a decade, amid signs of a deepening military and political stalemate driven by diplomatic gridlock, Palestinian militant resilience and the absence of a clear Israeli exit st ... Continue reading »

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