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All alone
Photos by Sasan Afsoosi

July 1996
The Iranian

Looking through this collection of Sasan Afsoosi's images of Iran, one cannot escape the loneliness and emptiness. Life seems to be at a standstill, exquisite and yet unappreciated, untouched. Mothballed.

Sasan was born in Abadan in 1961. He received his BA in photography from the College of Radio and Television in Tehran in 1988 and two years later he got a BA in political science from Tehran University.

Since moving to the United States two years ago, Sasan's photographs have been exhibited in several universities, mostly in the Washington, DC, area, including Georgetown University and George Washington University.

His work has also been published in a number of magazines in the U.S., namely Middle East Insight , Arab News and Chanteh . Safir Photo Agency in Iran has printed 1995 and 1996 high-quality calendars using some of Sasan's best images of Iran.

Fruit seller
Boy in bazaar
Old man
Empty mosque
In the park
Reflection on the pond
Textile seller
View from above

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