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Of meat and men
October 21, 2003

Panjshanbeh Bazaar
Photo essay: Turkman market
October 23, 2002

Consider the camel
By Simin Behbahani
September 30, 2002

Soosk Khan
Roachus Superiorty Complexus
June 5, 2002

Mediocre imagination
From upcoming book: "Every English word is Derived from Persian"
April 29, 2002

Nader had a little lamb
Better to eat the savage and be led by men, than to eat men and be led by savages
March 26, 2002

The necklace
Translation of Simin Behbahani's poem
February 20, 2002

The Smart Bomb Manifesto
We shall no longer accept our condition
January 24, 2002

Nothing new
"Poetry" vs. "trash"
January 14, 2002

Deev ham deevaay oon zamoon
"Lord of the Rings" so so
December 28, 2001

Sipping chai at Starbucks
Poem in response to "Sipping lattes in diaspora"
January 6, 2000


Korosh couldn't get into the School of Life (flunked Party 101). He was too soft for the School of Hard Knocks. So instead he went to some other school for a long time. Never did learn how to live, but that story is yet unfinished. (He is hoping for a happy ending!) (He lives in Canada). Top

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