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Fighting Complacency Amid Danger

  Netanyahu should threaten to use nuclear weapons on Iran, says neocon Daniel Pipes. His statement is part of an effort launched after Hassan Rohani's election in order to gradually close all options on Iran except for war. In Congress, the effort goes beyond inflammatory rhetoric.   Before members of Congress leave for their August recess, they ... Continue reading »

PAIC’s Groundbreaking Victory in Congress

As of this writing, Hassan Dai’s lobbying group, the Progressive American Iranian Committee (PAIC), has garnered support from nearly 30% of Congress for its letter calling for peace with Iran and reinvigorated diplomacy. The historic achievement represents the largest and most significant call ever made by Congress in favor of a diplomatic resoluti ... Continue reading »

PAIC: Hassan Dai's Shadowy Lobby

After the article Hassan Dai's Unkept Promises was posted on, I discovered something shocking--Hassan Dai's biggest supporters seemed unaware that he ran a lobbying group. With Dai's frequent postings online and telivision appearances on Pars TV, this seemed odd. Not only has Hassan Dai refused to answer questions about himself, but his ... Continue reading »

Hassan Dai's Unkept NIAC Promise

  Our lovely resident Seyyed, Mr. Hassan Daioleslam, has had quite the busy schedule lately. On internet blogs and on Persian satelite channels, Dai has been making the rounds to convince his fans that he has followed through on his promise to "destroy" NIAC and the administration's anti-war policy.    The idea that Dai could change the administra ... Continue reading »

Treasonous Mojahedeen

Last week Massoud Rajavi’s minions outdid themselves by raising over a million dollars at an event in Dallas with the help of John Bolton and other Neocons. This is the latest chapter in a lengthy history of partnership between the Mojahedeen (MEK) and Iran's enemies.    John Bolton was invited as replacement for Rudy Giuliani who abruptly can ... Continue reading »

Hassan Dai must explain MEK ties

Yesterday I posted a blog titled Hassan Dai: Unrepentant Fraud, exposing the self-proclaimed “progressive” activist. It quickly became’s hottest topic. Hassan Dai entered panic mode.   Dai falsely accused me of working for NIAC and refused to address the points in my article. Then he reposted his comment word for word. And finally, in ... Continue reading »

Hassan Dai: Unrepentant Fraud

If you ask US Iranians to identify their community’s loudest mouthpiece for Neocon-MEK disinformation, chances are Hassan Dai would place high on the list. And it seems like almost every month something new appears to reaffirm that view.   Dai's latest blunder came in the multiple orgasms he had covering a report linking two anti-MEK activists to ... Continue reading »

Hindu Temple of Hormozgan

The Hindu Temple in Bandar Abbas is a historical monument that was constructed in 1892 during the rule of Mohammad Hassan Khan Sa'adolmolk, Governor of Bandar Abbas. Much of the credit for its construction can be given to visiting Indian merchants and the Temple can be considered as one of the significant cultural interactions between Iran and Indi ... Continue reading »