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December 10, 1999

What cause?!

I read your recent article about the conservatives in Iran ["It's over"]. I agree with almost everything you said. They are losing ground and popular support and the youth want change. Correct. However, your statement that "Khomeini did all that for a cause he believed in", strikes me as a severely blind observation. Khomeini is nothing different than the murderers holding power in Iran today. He was an uneducated, psychotic, bloodthirsty, sadistic man. A molla is a molla is a molla. They are all the same, idiots that should be brought to trial and sentenced to death for slaughtering or supporting the slaughter of Iranians for over twenty years.

I absolutely cannot comprehend anyone seeing him as someone who wanted to bring good to Iran. You stated that other clerics wouldn't give up their "comfortable homes and expensive cars" and Khomeini did so for a cause he believed in. Mr. Qezelbash, Khomeini was a criminal, a fool who isolated Iran from the rest of the world. The Shah should have killed him in the 1960's when he had the chance. He murdered countless innocent people because they stood in his way or represented the Pahlavi regime. So what cause are you talking about?! Sending Iranian children into a stupid, useless war with Iraq to win in the name of Islam?? To kill anyone who didn't agree with the revolution?? What cause?!

The revolution was STUPID!!! How did anyone in their right mind (sorry, religious fanatics don't know right from wrong) think that bringing Khomeni to power was going to help? Just because people wanted a revolution doesn't mean that it was right!! Iranians in Iran are to blame for what they chose. Now look at our country. It is NOT a surprise to me that the youth do not care about the past and want change "from the current regime". This was inevitable. No one should be surprised at this. Islam should be left to the Arabs. No wonder our country is so messed up. We are Iranian, NOT Islamic! Think very hard about this.

You brought up many good points in your article, but it sounds like to me that you used to be one of the people who wanted Khomeini in power. Iranians, especially in Iran, are blinded by the fact that they think everything is the fault of the West and the British. Iranians always want to put the blame on others and not take responsibility for their own stupid actions and decisions. The Shah's monarchy had many holes, and he was far from perfect. But he dragged Iran into the 20th century, unlike the clerics who want to drag it back to the days of Mohammad. The Shah was progressive and educated, unlike Khomeini, who was the most incompetent ruler in history.

Iranians do not have democracy in Iran, because they still have a theocracy. This is the garbage Khomeini left behind. Islam is NOT compatible with democracy because there is no true equality in Islam. Just because there are women in the Majlis and are in charge of different ministries doesn't justify the revolution being correct. The revolution halted the advancement of Iran for at least 15 years!!! Iran's government is still considered a sponsor of terrorism by the US, and they are right. You can thank Khomeini and his Islam for that. Iran has changed forever. Don't idolize this stupid man.


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