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    July 2, 1999

Word roots

About the "Khiyaar Chambar" article, I don't know if the authors of the piece were serious or not, because some of the word roots were pretty ridiculuous. If they were serious in thinking that all those words have Persian roots, then I think I have to make some points.

Some of the words mentioned have Persian roots, but a great many are not Persian, but Indo-Iranian. For instance Chemistry actually comes from Al-chemy which comes from "Al Kimiyaa." Daughter is not actually dokhtar nor father is pedar and so on. They all come from a similar Indo-European root. So, daughter is not a derivative of dokhtar, rather they both are a derivative of dogtir.

I actually found your "khar" and "car" relation rather interesting. But again, mush and mouse are from the same root, mysh, but mouse is not derived from mush! Cow and gaav come from kuo, devil and div are related, but in another way.

Devil is a compund word made up of the followings: dev+il. Dev, as you said, is div, which in ancient Persian as well as in Latin meant god (dieu in modern French). IL is a suffix for anti. SO devil is not exactly div, but "anti-div."

Cobra comes from Indian word cobra, itself related to Persian "kabche." It is not Arabic though, Kobra Khanoom has nothing to do with snakes! Cucumber is actually interesting! As for provider and parvardegaar, although "provide" and "parvardag" have the same root, this one is too ambitious.

Pajamas is paa jaameh but look at the Oxford roots, and they claim it is a Hindi word! Yeah, Payi Jaama Kertahi! As for "gas", "gaaz" and "gooz", we got gaaz from gas, and the other one I prefer not to speak about!

Congress comes from kongereh? That's backwards again! Congress was a Latin word that entered Persian.

Khodadad Rezakhani

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