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    July 16, 1999

Disaster for IRI

It is obvious from the latest decree by President Khatami in Iran, that he will crush further protests, that the members of administration of this government, liberals and hardliners alike, do not care about the people and their needs, once they feel that they are in danger themselves.

Mr. Khatami knows very well that many of these student protestors are supportive of his promised (and yet to be seen) reforms. He also recognizes the power that the students hold in the society, based on their past performance in 1979 as well as the events of the past week.

Therefore, he is not willing to allow this movement to continue. He knows that by supporting the students and allowing them to continue to demand their rights from the government, and the government's inability and unwillingness to provide such freedoms for the people, these protest may very well turn into an anti-government movement.

Of course, they have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the basis of the I.R. in such solgans as "down with dictator" referring to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and demanding changes in his authoritarian rule, a concept imbedded in the I.R. constitution.

This of course would mean disaster for the government officials, Khatami included, who have continuously failed to provide the Iranian people with a satisfactory economic, social, and political freedom that they deserve; and let us not forget, this is the freedom that they were promised in the 1979 revolution (by Khomeini and his clerical and intellectual supporters) and caused the uprooting of a 2500 year old monarchy in Iran.

However, from day one Khomeini and his clerical staff did their utmost to bring about more limitations instead of freedom, and to ensure their success created an environment of fear to rule the country, arresting those tied to the previous government and the intellectual faction of the revolutionary force, carrying out thousands of executions, and causing the self-imposed exile of millions of Iranians in the past 20 years.

Mr. Khatami is smart enough to know that the students, being the voice of the citizens of Iran, are demanding a thorough and definite change of governance, and therefore he is not going to risk his position to give in to the peoples' needs, even though he promised it to them and they elected him to his position.

It is this fact, that the Iranian governments' officials are there to serve their own needs and establish power, that makes the current Iranian government, liberal and hardliner alike, undesirable and corrupt to rule Iran and the Iranian people.

Yek Irani

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