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    June 30, 1999

Good vs. Evil

Two decades has passed since the monarchy in Iran crumbled and was replaced by an Islamic republic. During this period, Iran fought a violent war with it's neighbor which claimed hefty losses on both sides of the borders. The financial losses of which to Iran alone are estimated to be near one hundred billion dollars. But for now, the country is fighting a political war. This is the classic case of Good vs. Evil. One side is for freedom, democracy and a civil society while the other promotes hate, violence and extremism.

Faced with the challenge of freedom versus religious fundamentalism, the President Mohammad Khatami has become the promise of a fresh breath of air. Thus the people anxiously await his victory over the hard-line clerics. Government policy once encouraging isolation of the country, is slowly being replaced with openness and dialogue of civilizations. More newspapers are being published faster than the hard-liners can shut them down.

The mood of the country is very similar to that of 1979 which lead to the revolution. People are talking about issues and openly question the authority of the hard-liners to interfere in every aspect of their lives. Can this be a new beginning for our people who have always struggled for freedom while never getting a taste of it? Or will evil with his call for hate and strict religious policy crush our dreams of a free tomorrow?

The latest killing of the Iranian dissidents and intellectuals by the security agents, executions of two more Iranian nationals on charges of armed robbery, cutting off the fingers of four more people recently, the questionable death of Mr. Saeed Emami or (Islami) and the arrest of thirteen of our Jewish countrymen on spying charges, warn of the strength of the opponents of peace and democracy.

Understandably, we cannot expect Mr. Khatami to talk the talk and walk the walk for us. We are going to have to find a way to emphasize personal responsibility for all our people to contribute to a better tomorrow for our beloved country. We must take a stand and voice our opinion as loudly as we can, chanting for a free society. Only then, the Good shall triumph over Evil and the serenity of freedom and liberty will cover us.

Sia M.

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