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    June 11, 1999

I wonder what you will think

My name is Don Roberts and I live in New Zealand in the South Pacific. I suspect you know about this country but many people in countries other than my own have never heard of this little country. By the way we are NOT part of Australia.

I might add that I have just been reading on the net a little of the history of your country politically since the fall of the Shah. I understand your favourite sport there is wrestling. Is this true? Ours is Rugby Union and our international team is called The All Blacks. I live in Whangarei. Ever heard of it? It is actually two hours by road from Auckland our main city.

I wonder what you will think of receiving this email from so far away. I would delighted to get a reply from such a far off land.

Kind regards,


PS: Sorry I know nothing of your language

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