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    May 31, 1999

    What about Jews who hate Iranians?

Everyone always places Jews at the receiving end of hatred, oppression, and prejudice ["I must be a Jew"]. It's always about how the Jews are the hated minority; in fact anti-Semitism has become a crime that rivals murder in the U.S. (I don't condone anti-Semitism, just making a point here).

I'm still waiting to see when rational people start placing Jews at the disseminating end of that equation, i.e. when will people start seeing the hatred the Jews feel toward other minorities, like Iranians and Arabs? More than once I have been in a situation where I've gotten a less than favorable response when a Jew has found out I was Iranian.

Edgar Bronfman and his World Jewish Congress, along with AIPAC, are together and single-handedly responsible for instigating U.S. sanctions against Iran and for maintaining the virulently hostile attitude against Iran that exists in Congress. These Jews would rather have sanctions in place and see Iranians suffer (in their view all iranians are a bunch of Israel-hating terrorists who DESERVE sanctions; I mean, how DARE you hate Israel?) rather than seeing the two sides come together and talk, like civilized people.

And I think these Jewish lobby groups are motivated as much by "protecting" Israel as they are by their unabashed HATRED for Iran and Iranians (and probably for Islam too). I know Iranians who have gone to AIPAC meetings and leadership conferences (out of curiosity); the amount of anti-Iran PROPAGANDA presented at these meetings is phenomenal and unbelievable.

I wonder how the authors of "I must be a Jew" would address these issues. They highlight the so-called anti-Semitism that exists among Iranians but I wonder what they have to say about the anti-Iranianism that exists among (American) Jews, that has cost the Iranian economy billions and billions of dollars?

The problem is that American Jews have used their religion as a POLITICAL and ethnic tool to further their political agenda. Their attitude is "stay out of our way or we have the power to destroy you." They control practically every aspect of America's economy, foreign policy, press, entertainment industry, academia, and the list goes on. This is precisely why so little is said in this country of the plight of the Palestinians, who rot away in those refugee camps under the chokehold of a racist government and a racist system.

It's really too bad, because Judaism is an otherwise beautiful religion and the first cousin of Islam; we are all the sons and daughters of Abraham. But as an IRANIAN, and someone who will always be proud to be IRANIAN, I don't frankly have any sympathy for Jews in this country who are in positions of power and who abuse that to their own ends.

I'd like to see the authors of that article write a piece entitled "I must be an Iranian", where the character is a Jew who says, "I must be an Iranian because I'm the only Jew who doesn't hate Iranians."

Nariman Neyshapouri

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