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    May 21, 1999

    The revolution is over

Dear Babak,

Your passionate letter deeply touched me, particularly because you are labeling people that you clearly don't know anything about. Labels like "zed-e enghelab" and "zed-e Iran." I want to draw your attention to the following points:

- Thank God, the ENGHELAB IS DEAD (it's over, finished, zippo) and I don't think I need to give you any proof of that. Now it is an open secret that the Islamic Revolution was an utter failure in every aspect: morally, socially, culturally, economically, etc.

- Who is really "zed-e Iran"? The following quotations are a few of the many "farmayeshat-e Imam Khomeini" word for word:

* Khomeini, Qom, Esfand 22, 1357 : "Ma ghalam-haaye masmoome anhaayira ke sohbate melli va demokratic va inha ra mikonand ra mishekanim."

Translation: "We will break the poisoned pens of those who speak of nationalism and democracy."

* Khomeini, Qom, Azar 19, 1358 : "Ma Islam ra mikhahim. Ein mellat ghiam nakard ke dar mamlekateshoon democracy bashad."

Translation: "We want Islam. This nation did not rise up to implement democracy."

* Khomeini, Jamaran, Mordad 18, 1359 : "Melli garaii, asas-e badbakhti-e mast. Inha naghsheha-ist ke mostamerin keshideand. Ma cheghadr sili khordim az in mellat, inha beravand gomshavand. Inha bayad khaejel bashand."

Translation: "Nationalism is our biggest burden. Nationalism is a plot by colonialists. We have been harmed so much by nationalism. [The nationalists] should go and get lost. They should be ashamed. "

* Khomeini, Jamaran, Bahman 19, 1359 : "Har fesadi ke hast, az melliat, melli garaii, be esme Iran va keshvar-e iran ast..."

Translation: "All corruption comes from nationalism... from [people who are proud to be] Iranian.

Anybody can understand who the real "zed-e Iran" is, the Islamic Republic or those you labeled in your letter. And since you seem to be so worried about Islam and Shi'ism, I must assure you that neither Mr. Khomeini, nor any of his followers are even Muslim or believe in God. They are only a group of hateful, power-hungry monopolists, manipulating Islam as a tool to hold on to power.

Passion, my friend, is better used for making love, not hateful remarks.

Ali Sajjadi
Editor, Par magazine

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