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October 18, 1999

Muslim first

In response to Maziar Shirazi's "Shah let people hold hands," the foremost thing that is completely wrong is the notion that Arabs gave "their God" to Iranians. This is an utterly gross miscalculation concerning Islam and Arabs. The Prophet Muhammed (saws) was by no means an Arab nationalist, one of the greatest companions was Salman a-Farsi, a Persian. (I understand there is a great deal of bigotry amongst us against Arabs. This has to stop). ISLAM WAS NEVER AN ARAB RELIGION. IT IS A UNIVERSAL ONE.

Like the Egyptians, Syrians and Persians, the ancient Arabs were Pagans who worshipped idols made from wood and stone. Islam was sent to humans as the fully developed, comprehensive religion Allah has ordained for humans. The reason why it was revealed in the Arabic language was because of its extraordinary articulation and deep meaning that no other language has.

If you ask your logic professeur about the the logical variations verb conjunctions have in European language he or she will say about 200 ,000 - 300,000 exist. If one where to ask about the Arabic language, your teacher will tell you "well over 1 MILLION." Because of the deepness of the Arabic language, it became obvious that this language was intended to be part of the Quran's revalation, so Allah wills. It is impossible to translate the Quran into another language without losing the deep hidden meanings. Ultimately learning Arabic will increase one's IQ.

Islam came as the religion to mankind. In many suras the Quran addresses mankind, NOT JUST ARABS. The Quran is the final revalation in a long line of prophets from Adam to Muhammed (saws). Muhammed (saws) is a direct decendant of Abraham via Ismael. The Bible even foretells that a prophet named "Ahmad" (another name for "Muhammed") will appear with the final revalation. Thus, there is no shadow of a doubt that the Quran is the word of Allah and CERTAINLY NOT an Arabic concept that was stuffed down the throats of Persians.

The Quran is scientific proof that is from Allah. Read it and you will shake when you find: that the earth revolves around the sun (a concept that Muslims discovered before Europe), the detailed stages of the human fetus, the concept that mountains slowly move, the concept of ocean currents, the earth crust movement, the concept of the atom, the fact that animals are made up mostly of water, etc. All this was revealed 1,400 years ago.

Islam is a system of tolerance, justice and mercy. Why do you think that Jews fled persecution of Christian Europe to live in freedom and prosperity in Islamic Spain? Why did so many people embrace Islam from China all the way to southern France? No it was not spread by the sword. "Let there be no compulsion in religion"-- (Quran 2v256).

There is an abudance of evidence that Islam DID NOT flatten cities and force conversions, yet the people who claim that it did happen present absolutely NO evidence that it did. Islam ENRICHES Iran. Despite the political and idiologial differences in Iran today, look at our education. The CIA has named Iran as being in the top 40 educational systems in the world in 2 categories: math and science. No other modern Muslim country has done this.

And why shouldn't I be a Muslim first and a Persian second? All of us will face and I. I will tell Allah I am Muslim. Why? Because when death befalls me my nationality, money, weapons, and friends will not help me when I stand before Allah. Only my deeds matter. Iran can't help me then.

May Allah bless and guide us all,

Kazem Mansouri

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