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October 28, 1999

New generation

I think that if anyone would like to read the opinion of the new generation of Iranians, they should. I have lived in England for 10 years, I only lived in Iran up to the age of 4. There are many things I love about my country and many things I hate; my hate has come from the contrast I have felt from living in a country run by religion and so-called "order" and living in a country where there is a freedom of speech, of action of independence.

Do not get me wrong in Britain there are problems also, but not to the extent of my motherland "Iran". I am sick of the narrow-minded attitude of not only the people in power but from the Iranian's in Iran that: "we are right and everything else is wrong, we are superior to the Western world, our religion is the right one, our beliefs about society, politics, religion, and people are correct and everyone else is corrupt and OBVIOUSLY wrong..."

I visit Iran every year. Last year one of my family members wase killed by Hezbollahis simply because he wrote. He was a writer; he was kidnapped and killed. I have seen secret filming of the public deaths of two women in Tehran, being stoned to death for adultery, and so you know what makes me more sick, the people throwing stones at them were my fellow Iranians; the so-called adults of Iran, and they were calling the name of god when they were killing these women. Like most Iranians, the name of god is used to portray an existence of corrupt and disgusting politics.

I love my country; the smell, the air, the mountains, the people. But I can not "respect" my country. I hope one day me and others will be able to overcome our fear of death and stand up for our rights and others' rights! My dad's best friend was killed simply because of his beliefs and my dad was shot in the leg when he was a young man because of his communist friend! I do not believe in communism I believe in democracy and freedom to live life in the quality which the individual wishes!

Please take my opinion seriously because one day when other countries are thriving and my country still remains in economical and social turmoil, you will not be able to blame the government or others but only YOUR SELVES.

Please: discrimination and narrow-mindedness and being socially handicapped and intolerant should not be the image which others see of us, because even I, an Iranian, have that image of the last generation of Iranians and even the new generation! I have homosexual friends, Christian friends, Jewish friends, and I have atheist friends, transsexual friends, black friends, Iranian friends, Muslim friends. And I look at a person and always see them for who they are not for what my country tells me to see!


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