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    September 22, 1999

Deep down: Neanderthals

This is an old article ["Real Iranian girls?"]. I found it just as repulsive then as I find it now. It saddens me that it is being re-circulated again. It makes me wonder that no matter how sophisticated, or intellectual some of us pretend to be, deep down we are just the bigoted, sexiest, Neanderthals which our sick backward religious or otherwise beliefs have so well created.

You may argue with me, but this has always been the greatest source of irony to me. I find it amazing that how so many people follow the very belief structure which has reduced an entire human being to a single attribute. You may say that I am going off the deep end, and making too much out of a little thing. But ask yourself ... really go deep down and ask yourself .... Am I ? Don't some of us say and do hurtful things, based on our own insecurities which are created by belief structures made back in the dark ages.

You may say it is just satire, it is just a joke, it is suppose to be funny. But at who's expense? Tell that to the "Tork e Khar", tell that to a "Rashtie Bee Bokhaar", tell that to "jo-hood khasees", tell that to the "Bahai Najess", tell that to the guy who is trying to be friendly, and is labeled as a "Laas Zan", tell that to the "Dokhtar Toorsheedeh", tell that to the "Dokhtare kharaab ke Baakereh Neest". Tell that to the person whose reputation you ruin because his or her behavior does not meet YOUR "standard". I am sure they get just as big as a laugh as you do !

Mehrdad Erfani

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