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April 25, 2000

The real deal

Professor Hamid, I hail you! You're an insightful satirist ["Loving an Iranian girl"]. I'm an American guy who fell in with an Iranian Bahai girl. Loved her to high heaven. It was a sincere and loving set up, probably because she was twelve years older than me.

Have to say, though, that no girl I've ever known since (this was fifteen years ago) has floored and moved me like her. Her name was Ranaa, and she was a latter day atheist Bahai. At least I think so, more or less. Did come from a Bahai background, of that I'm sure.

As for me, the stupid ass reason (at least partly) that our fine countries are not so sweet on one another is because of religion. She was really quite a find in a woman, funny as hell; could knock you flat with her wit, and no molla's sermon garbaggio in her suit case -- i.e. no bull shit religious script, dogma blah blah blah.

Hell, she used to camp at my flat, and that damn sure did not go down great with her cousins Farhad and Hormuz! A rebel all the way. I met her in a college painting class, and we developed a painting project of all the national flags on canvas, and then we stepped on them all with impunity.

We delighted most in disparaging American and Iranian politicoes. Bear in mind that this was when the hot and heavy showdown was going on in the Persain Gulf. Remember when Uncle Sammy was escorting Kuwaiti tankers?

Basically I have to say that Ranaa was the real deal. She could have lofty sentiments, but she was not the usual how-much-are-you-worth-Jack kind of woman. She was a goddamn one woman slaughter house with a killer wit and a talent with a paint brush. In other words, she was no demure dummy bubble puppy like these chicks your're talking about. Hang tight brother! You aren't suffering. They're the ones who don't know up from down.

Thanks for mostly telling it straight, and keep that poison pen going.

Thanks, a believer sincerely,

John D. Stich


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