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April 6, 2000

Beh shaqiqeh rabt daareh

One day a passerby saw Molla Nasreddin looking down at the ground in front of his house very diligently as if he was searching for something. He asked politely, "Molla! Are you looking for something? Can I help you look for it?" Molla replied very graciously, "Yes. That would be very kind of you". So the passerby joined in the search for the lost item.

After quite a while he finally got tired and asked Molla, "Are you sure you lost it here? We have looked very carefully for a while now." Molla looked up and said, "Of course, I did not lose it here! I lost it inside the house, but it was pretty dark inside and it is much brighter out here in the sunshine. So I decided instead to look for it here outside!"

The story of our foolish political history has been much the same as Molla's search! We cannot easily find what we have lost in the darkness of our interiors, so we frantically search for it where there is light; in humor and foolishness of the first day of April.

Not bad, huh?! I somehow managed to connect the two. But hey it was a good Molla story. I had to relate it somehow. Our past foolishness has been at an ebb lately. Long live the people's right to vote their conscience.

Farzin Forooghi


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