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August 18, 2000

Iranian hospitality

I really enjoyed your article "Amazed" by Doug Biesecker and "One planet, one people" by Alan Hale in your August 17, 2000 issue.

It made me very proud to see once again, the hospitality of our people in Iran, from small towns to the big cities despite of all the hardship of day to day life in today's Iranian society still impresses our guests.

Iran is a country filled with rich culture and history and it is a shame that non-Iranians would only see and remember the horrific images of hostages and protesters. In their mind men and women are running around in black chadors and turbans attacking locals and visitors in the streets and it is not a safe place to go for your hard earned vacation or research!

I spent most of my teenage and adult life outside of Iran and can't wait to go back there in two weeks and be able to see all those wonderful places that Mr. Biesecker, Mr. Hale and the rest of the American scientists had the opportunity to visit in their trips.

I hope more non-Iranians find out about the amazing sites and friendly people of Iran and despite the conflicts between the two governments, go there and judge for themselves and I want to thank these two gentlemen for their open mind and sharing their experinece with the rest of us.

I encourage everyone to look at the incredible picutres by Mr. Biesecker and read the interesting and funny diary of Mr. Hale, you will enjoy it.



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