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August 7, 2000

I'm not Arab American

I am an Iranian American, born in Bloomington, Indiana and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I had a great childhood being raised by my father Javad Gorjidooz and my mother Azita. Everything was going well until the early 90's when the Persian Gulf War began.

I was just entering fifth grade when everything started to change. Where I grew up, there were an abundance of Arab Americans, and as I was beginning to meet new friends( Americans) when they started to ignore me. I was wondering what was going on because the Arab Americans started to group together and the other kids were hesitant to talk to me.

The whole time I was alone except for the few girls that had sympathy for me. I told my parents about the actions at school and they reinsured me that Iran was not a part of the Persian Gulf War, and believe me I was relieved.

Then a few other actions occurred. The American students began asking me why I won't sit with the Arab American students during lunch. I told them that I wasn't an Arab American, and they looked at me with a state of confusion. I told them that I am an Iranian American.

They began to ask me what the difference was, so I explained that we may look the same and use a few of the same words with the same meanings, but there is a difference in life styles. We are just as different as the Swedish and French people are, or similar to the Americans and the Germans. Different languages, food, religions, education, society, and culture, but we somewhat look the same.

Most of the kids mistaken me for an Arab American, but all I had to do was to explain to them the there is a difference in cultures. I truly love my Persian heritage.

Alex Hooman Gorjidooz


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