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August 7, 2000

Don't teach hatred

I have been highly impressed with your work and have been forwarding The Iranian Times to friends worldwide including reporter/writer friends in major news papers including the LA Times.

You have the smarts, taste, intelligence and the class necessary to produce, in my opinion one of the best publications I have come across during my over 40 years of active social life. I am highly grateful for that and will try and will be at your service where I can in near future.

However, reading the piece by Najmieh Fakhraei surprised me ["At war with your own people"]. It reminded me of the type of insults and disrespect that is used by the not so respectable elements of our society. I am surprised that you approved the publication of this writing.

Modern and progressive understanding considers those individuals that Ms. Fakhraei writes about as social victims. We live in a time that we don't get our frustration and hatred out by bad mouthing. I have learned in this culture even the parent of a crime victim is not for the execution of the killer of his/her child and prays for forgiveness and correction. You may recall the reports on the statements by the parents of those killed in the Oklahoma City Federal Building.

In any event I wish Ms. Fakhraei would come to the point to agree that the individuals she has written about are victims of our society and they need treatment. Insulting is a very old approach. I liked it when Mr. Khachatourian, in the recent Saturday gathering in front of the Federal Building sent a message to these victims: we will forgive you, we won't try you in our courts when we win.

Thank you again for your time and please don't teach hatred.

Mohamad Navab
Prof. Cardiology


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