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August 9, 2000

Traveling in time

I just wanted to thank you for the Googoosh ticket that you sent to my dad. It was very kind of you. I hope that you get the opportunity to see Googoosh in one of her future destinations. I really enjoyed last night's concert in Toronto and thougth I'd share some words with you. Kheily Mamnoon

If anyone was to ask me to describe Googoosh's concert in Toronoto I would have to refer them to Louis Armstrong's "One of Those Things".

I am one of many who walked into the concert with much anticipation and expectation. It's important to point out that these expectations were not entirely there to be met by Googoosh. They were there to be met by me.

All three generations were present to pay homage. The youngest were there to get a glance at the three dimensional version of what they had only experienced in two dimensions till now. The middle generation was there to see her perform "Man Aamadeam" (but were amazed as to how many other songs they also knew), and the eldest were there to relive the past.

We all experienced her in our own way. But the one common experience (one that perhaps Googoosh shared as well) was traveling in time. We went back 20 years to the days we associate with comfort and home, but we also went ahead twenty years with a dosage of hope and optimism.

We were such an easy audience. For all we cared Googoosh could have walked onto the stage an just stood there for two hours and we would have been happy. But having said that, she did the exact opposite.

We were blown away by her grace, by her sincerity and her voice. She sang like a bolbol for close to three hours. She truly gave back to us what we were deprived of for far too long.

Being a 26-year old Iranian female who is engaged to a non-Iranian, I have tried many analogies to explain the meaning of last night's concert: "It's as if Celine Dion or Madonna were completely banned and then 20 years later...". But it's so much more than that. It's also about us, and how we have changed and what we have gone through in that time.

So, in short, last night's concert was a resurrection in all meaning of the word. A diva was resurrected and so were we. "It was just one of those things".

Sara Atrvash


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