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August 10, 2000

Touched their lives

I read the article by Ms. Termeh Rassi and must say that I truely agree with her ["Like Holding my pillow"]. I too went a long way to see Googoosh in Toronto from San Jose, California, and my friends and family were also in total astonishment of why I would do such a thing.

I did not know what to expect and I wasn't even sure if she still had her beautiful voice or even if the concert would be sold out. But as the crowd slowly trickled in and 15,000 Iranians clapped for their star to appear the intensity of that moment cannot be described in words.

I think not even Googoosh herself knew how much we had missed her and love her. Then she arrived on stage and for 10 minutes we let go... I mean seriously poured out all our loudest cheers and clapped harder than we had ever clapped in our lives. She cried and I think there was not a dry eyed person standing in the audience.

Surrounding me were people holding cellular phones for their friends and loved ones at home. Every song bringing back memories and every song causing someone to break down and cry. remembering, forgiving, forgeting, but mostly reliving a piece of their history that touched their lives.

Airileeegh I think did it the most for the older generation, where as other songs may have caused people to recall their first love or house or school or parents. All of our hearts bleed for that country and what we lost.

Googoosh is a bridge that allows us to connect and while her 20 years of silence has been our silence, her singing will be our highest shout.

Bob Danielzadeh


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