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August 31, 2000


Well I just finished reading your so-called review of the Googoosh concert in New York and I must say I am quite dismayed by what I have read ["Baptized in tears"]. No wonder critics are hated even more than what they criticize. Where do you get off judging all the aspects of Googoosh's show?

I went to the concert in Toronto and it was great: Music, sound., atmosphere and most of all Googoosh. And no, she did not forget any parts of her songs and she was on top of her trait, even after 20 years of silence.

Are you a sound and light expert? Do you know the enormous undertaking for a show of this caliber that is also comparable to the concerts of Pink Floyd or such? How many Concerts have you put on and how many of them have been so successful that you criticize this one so harshly!

I bet the answer to the last two question is a flat: NONE! Then maybe you should be thankful that they provided you at least with such a show that NONE OF US ever thought that we ever would see.

The only aspect that you were right about was our oneness - being one people from one place and that is IRAN! Too bad that you decided to leave that as an unimportant thing in the last paragraph of your so called: "MAGHAALEH". Well to me, it was more of a "MALAAGHEH"! If you get my meaning!

Maybe next time you research the background of the material that you are writing a bit more in-depth. What am I talking about? Just the sheer fact that you are a member of AOL speaks for itself. Maybe you would like to research the background of the Acronym AOL, and trust me it does not stand for America Online.

Abbas M. Zadeh


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