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August 30, 2000

No good to ridicule

In response to dAtyi Hamid's ["Hamvatanaan-e araaqi": I read your satire piece about the "Mojafeqin". I don't condone what they are doing as an organization but believe many who joined their ranks believe genuinely that this is the only way. Just because you and I don't agree with their methods and strategies doesn't justify our blatant and mindless attack on their beliefs.

I suppose the majority of freedom fighters in Iran denounce them as true representatives of Iranians and may have the same misgivings as you do. Furthermore I don't think ridiculing will do any good. If we honestly believe they are in the wrong and know a better way and we are genuine about our concerns we should be positive in our criticism. Mr. Nourizadeh in London is doing exactly the same. He is ridiculing all those who have followed "Shah Masoud's" way.

We all analyze events in our own way and come to a different conclusiond. If those who have joined Rajavi's ranks have sided with him or his wife because they have come to believe this is the only way to free Iran, we should not go about ridiculing them. We should rather try to guide them to the right path (albeit if we know which way is the right path!).

I enjoy reading your pieces but may I suggest it will pay more if we did our guiding in a more constructive way we would be more successful.



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