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August 16, 2000

Persian rugs with American designs?

After reading the article on rug merchants in Tehran, I was deeply saddened to learn how some merchants who obviously are not thinking of anything else except their own profit, are so naively and superficially ruining one of the most precious aspect of Iranian heritage and culture which has been manifested in carpet weaving , by trying to find out what the Americans want or like and changing the carpet industry in Iran by implementing those "American" designs.

What a great pity that there are still people who cannot appreciate the beauty and value of their own culture, and when it comes to foreigners or Americans they become"kaas-e az aash daaghtar" and do not hesitate to show off their deeply extended levels of "noukaare kamar bastegi".

Can't these merchants whose brains are not even as big as a peanut see that even Indians, Pakistanis, or Chinese, who based on the article, have been leading the international industry in selling oriental rugs, are imitating the Persian designs, thus calling their carpets "Indo-Persian" or "Persian-Pakistani". Or can't they see that a great number of machine-made carpets in America do have Persian designs?

After all, if the colors and designs of Persian rugs are changed based on Americans or X nation's tastes, then they can no longer be called Persian rugs. It is so sad to learn how some Iranians have been always ready to strip themselves off from their own identity and heritage by not taking the time to learn about their valuable cultural treasures , by not believing in themselves, by not having individual and national self-esteem , and self-confidence.

I hope that this article rings some bells of deep consciousness for these groups of people.



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