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December 20 2000

A lot of hypocracy

I know you will ot print this but I just have to get it out of my chest. With all due respect for you, I think you are exercising some hypocrisy. As a person who admires you for a lot of good work to provide a forum for Iranian-Amricans I am compelled by my conscience to offer you some constructive criticism. I do my part even though you have often choosen not to print what I sent you because you personally don't agree with me.

In the controversy regarding prejudice against Blacks ["Drawing the line"], you claim that as a publisher you have to reflect everyones opinion even the ones without signature. What I am getting at is that I sent you several articles with my signature and you chose not to print them. When asked why, you wrote me that it was just a matter of taste and you could not offer any suggestion so I could learn from you.

Among those were also rebuttals to Sociolino's generalizations about Iran and your beautiful daughter's article about the prevalence of cheating in Iranian schools and you only selected a small part of it and edited it so much that it did not even represent my opinion.

I think a lot of hypocrisy is involved here that should be stopped at the source or soon there won't be any difference between us and the the professional hypocrites.

Ali A. Parsa, Ph. D.


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