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December 21 2000

Nothing to condemn or condone

I personally can not think of any reason why Maryam and Darryl's picture would be posted on this site.

By the way, congratulations to the newly weds. May they pave the path of prosperity with their love. If they did not give consent to having their picture posted on the Iranian, then that's a whole other foul issue on its own.

Termeh asserts that there need not be any personal attacks toward Maryam ["Drawing the line"]. Well, if the picture was not to be published in the first place, then I would have to completely agree with her. It is unfortunate that folks choose to express their enmity through hostile words and direct attacks.

However, if this picture was posted with their permission and the's purpose to raise a controversial issue by gloating over an interracial marriage, then I would have to say, take it. It's controversy you were seeking in the first place, and now that you have it, you complain? Arguments are what life is all about. In order to attain viable solutions to our issues, first we must learn how to argue without allowing our frissons of resentment take control of our judgment of how we express ourselves to one another.

Of course, there should be no holding back. Those of you who disagree, let it all out in an affable manner so that you won't piss off the other folks. And some of you gung-ho liberals seem as if you're abetting interracial relationships. I mean give it a rest for god's sake. Calling all Iranians bigots and racists and what not. Incidentally that is tantamount to referring to all black people as dope-pushers and pimps.

So as I said, put a lid on your hypocrisy and then proceed with the discussion. Yes, we all know how cultivated you have become in the land of freedom and how you're vehemently pushing yourself toward cultural expansion and chiseling away at some of the more abysmal and outmoded components of our own culture. However, until you can actually show something new to some of us forlorn members of the global Iranian community-instead of just breeding more dissention by flaunting your hate-contaminated erudition-you should put your pedantry back in your pockets and take a debate course.

And of course the same goes for all of you folks who are against cross-cultural relationships. If genuine admiration exists between a man and a woman, then their marriage will prosper as it will perish if there existed reasons other than the aforementioned. Either way, this matter is nothing to condone or condemn. It is an arcane force between a male and a female and only time will tell if it were to prove effete or immortal.

So why not wish them the best and continue or conclude our discussions in peace so that we don't make the same mistakes as our forefathers and dispel ourselves farther from one another tarnishing what little is left of our unity and gashing new scars in our culture.



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