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December 22, 2000

Terrorize women if they date other races

This controversy about Iranian girls having sex with Negro guys ["Drawing the line"] is a serious problem. Most Iranian girls regret dating these Negros after they do it for a long time and become tainted and rejected by the Iranian guys. It is the surest way for someone to lose his or her racial identity.

I live in Eastern Europe as a medical student, where I am often considered "dark" but never Negro. The women here are fascinated with foreigners because they have money, but Negros who were "exotic" a few years ago are now considered "AIDS/TB" transmitters.

In fact the obsession with Iranian girls by Negros, Indians, Pakis, Arabs and even some White guys in the United States and elsewhere stems from the fact that they think that they are getting something "acceptable" in the eyes of their own community.

Most Iranian girls I've known when I lived in the States were not decent and many of them dated freely with Negros, and all the rest. The real concern I have is that Iranians need to understand that our women need to get terrorized the same way an Arab or a Paki would treat his sister or cousin for dating anyone outside their races.

We as a group will suffer if our women are openly encouraged to have sex, date, or marry outside our ethnic group.

I'm pretty sure you wont post this, because you want to be politically correct, but that just isn't why I sent it. It's because I had to get it off my chest.



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