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February 11, 2000

Little corner of paradise

The old faces from Community School are like ghosts; dear old friends whose names one has perhaps forgotten but whose faces are forever engraved in our minds eye.

I attended that great school. Indeed, my best friends today, though scattered around the globe, remain those friends with whom the union was made on that great campus whose founders shared in the same vision; the great promise of bringing the peoples of different nations together with the promise of peace, love and unity.

I have searched the globe in the hope of finding this place which once was in the small little corners of paradise, in an old Tehran neighborhood called Khyaabaan-e Jaleh.

Ms. Flaherty, who is pictured in the yearbook photo of those phantom faces of the last year of community school, taught me spelling and the love for the English language.

I ran into him in a chance meeting in Oxford Street in London, when I suddenly for no apparent reason stopped walking, turned around and whose fragile and loving figure I recognized from hundreds of yards away, a phantom that had stopped me dead in my tracks.

In our brief meeting on that cold winter morning she recognized me and told me in a voice filled with sadness, " I am here in London, waiting for things to get better in Iran so that I can go back." Just as we all were. She then disappeared as quickly as she had walked into my consciousness, a cloud, suddenly dissipated into small molecules of air. Oh yes I Know Ms. Flaherty ...

Do please tell me if you know of a reunion that was rumored from many many years ago, to take place in the year 2000. Here we are, the year 2000 is upon us and Community School seems but a distant dream.

Haleh A.


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