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July 31, 2000

Urgent: Anti-Iran amendment

Congressman Peter Deutsch of Florida introduced an amendment Friday to the Treasury/Postal Appropriations Bill re-imposing the food and carpets sanctions, so the issue is still quite alive. I understand Charles Schumer of NY may introduce a similar amendment on the Senate side.

We were successful in postponing Sherman's proposal but they rerouted their efforts through other states! This time it is an amendment (amendments to the appropriations bills can easily be passed (in fact, must) before November. It is urgent for everyone to call their offices ASAP and fax short letters to them as well.

Contacts: Peter Deusch's office 202- 225 7931 fax 202- 225 8456 email Howard.Hechler@house.gov

Charles Schumer's office 202- 224- 6542 fax 202- 228 3027 email Senator@Schumer.senate.gov NY office is 212-486 4430

To that effect, we have prepared the following letter (see below) for your convenience. For any further questions you may contact our dedicated webmaster, Shahrad at shahrad@attglobal.net.

Mozhgan Mojab
President, World PAC


To: Honorable senator Schumer
To: Honorable Congressman Dueutsch
Subject: Our deepest dissatisfaction on the proposed Amendment to the Treasury/Postal Appropriations Bill to reinstate Sanctions on food and carpet against Iran

Dear senator Schumer and Congressman Dueutsch,

We Iranian Americans are writing to express our concerns over the recent

move by the Congress of the United States of America to further isolate Iran. We feel that such moves in reaction to the ten Jewish Iranians conviction would create adverse effects on their case and furthermore would deny them the chance of receiving dismissal or decreased sentences on an appeal.

Your staffers have repeatedly announced the other major reason for the sudden shift of policy by the Congress towards Iran to be the lack of response on behalf of the Iranian government to the recent US concession announced by Madam Secretary Albright on March17, 2000.

Madam Secretary, Madeline Albright in her announcement made clear reference to the fact that the recent move by US to remove sanctions on lucrative items such as dry food, nuts, caviar and carpets, is to show Iranian craftsmen, fishermen, farmers and Iranian people as a whole that the United States bears them no ill intentions.

What is being portrayed as a concession towards the Iranian Government was in fact a reward to Iranian people for their brave participation and victory in the parliamentary elections where the reformers took over the eighty percent of the seats.

As you are well aware, despite the numerous difficulties, the newly elected parliament has been in session only since May 2000. To expect a great deal of change in Iran in barely a few months would clearly be an unreasonable expectation on your behalf. Our great democracy here in the United State of America has had nearly two hundred years to reach to this stage. Iran's reform movement towards democracy needs to be given the same chance. Iran's move towards democracy, despite claims by shortsighted people, is as a result of structural economic and social changes in that country. It is an irreversible and unique phenomenon.

Therefore, it will continue to evolve at its own terms. For the peace and stability in the Middle East and the gulf region, we see the great need for all of us to stand by Iran as it goes through its internal political ups and downs. We have much to learn from patiently dealing with the first Islamic nation to go through the reform process. Today we need to deal with Iran in a delicate manner.

When we ask you to withdraw from such harsh and reactionary positions towards Iran, we have no hidden agendas. Iran as the center of the world with its geopolitical importance has always played a pivotal role in the stability of the world and will continue to do so.

Therefore we request that you withdraw from proposing harsh measures towards Iran. Such measures would destroy the prospective dialogue between the two countries. It would also undermine the peace efforts in the region.

Moreover, despite US's claim, it would put an undue burden on Iranian people, one of the oldest civilizations with one of the globe's richest diverse cultures. And last but not least it would deny the American citizens at least one hundred thousand jobs by blocking American companies from participating in the Iran's five billion-dollar oil market alone.

We also take this opportunity to request to have a meeting with you so we could discuss our concerns in further details.

We look forward to hearing from you

Sincerely yours,



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