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July 31, 2000

Stop bitching

I keep reading about the efforts by some congressmen (Brad Sherman, Democrat-California) and senators to reverse the lifting the partial sanction in retaliation for 13 Jews in Iran. I can't help wondering why there is so much bitching while it seems like there is no one who wants to do something realistic about Iranian-Americans RIGHTS in this country?

Either "some" of you guys, just walked out of the boat!! Or you don't understand this country's "political processes"? Or you are in a deep sleep! Here are few blunt lessons about the political realities in U.S that works!

1) MONEY: It must be U.S dollars. NO Iranian money please!

2) MONEY: It must go through few laundries, before getting to your congressman or Senator! make sure it's clean! No Chinese temple stuff! Don't invite them to a mosque. Ohhh I almost forgot! You got to have a good wine and a good-looking waiting service!

3) MONEY. If you can get kosher money, that would be great! If you can't, pay a rabbi to make them kosher. Even if it's not kosher they would take it anyway!

4) No "Ayattolahs" or "Islam" PLEASE!

5) Forget about Democrats!! Don't waste your time or money on them! They are already bought out! Go for Republicans, Greens or independents!

6) Here is a thought! I was wondering if we could create someone like Monica Lewinsky to help us out. if she is not Jewish, like Monica, it might work out too! But, please NOT as fat as she is! She must be beautiful,with some meat, but not like Monica! I bet since Congressman Sherman, the way he looks, he would go for it! Just look at his thick glasses and his nose!

7) To all those Iranian millionaires: a) Get a good accountant. Your contribution to an Iranian political action committee (PAC) is tax deductible! If you don't trust anyone with your money start you own PAC! b) Use your brain, not your stomach! It's in your benefit too! c) Stop the "what's in it for me" attitude! You will have a lot to gain! d) Show congressman Sherman that you got "money" and "balls". Kick him out of Congress then others will notice!

8) To all these Iranian college professors: a) Stop being unrealistic! b) Start doing something real! c) Create a political PAC like everyone else! d) Talk is cheap but MONEY TALKS!

Daniel Zangeneh


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