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July 11, 2000

Two roads

I found this article ["Generational gap"] a stark reminder of individuals in Iran, who, I can say, "just don't get it" or just do not want to get it.

Judging by my experiences in Tehran, on vacation, I can say that the new generation of Iran is falling into the culturally indoctrinated spiral of the pre-revolutionary generation. That is to say, in this glorious period of reform in the Islamic Republic, there are over-eager youngsters who are missing the point completely.

I am have never been to judge from clothes or musical preference, but disrespect to a religious intermediary of any faith (regardless of the fact that one may have a reason to or not) is unpermissable.

More specifically, I fear that Iran may go into two directions at this ideological junction we are at.

Road #1, the one that is personified in this feature, which is a position of Iran similar to that of Turkey or Egypt's, where the whole of the population has accepted cultural domination (not influence) and has its political and ideological morals numbed.

Road #2, the exact opposite, that is to say, the reformist movement does not fall too far ahead of the system but too short and fails to remove the injustice of extremism.

Whichever the case, I find the images presented in this feature of a stark reminder of a nightmare of the "blind" people of Iran, as we know it.

Arya Abedin


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