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July 21, 2000

I like your work. A lot

Dear Mister Hamid (or whatever u like 2 be called),

I was randomly checking my emails (it's almost 4 in the morning here in southern California) and I actually decided to read an email from some Persian club that I belong to, but never participate in. I guess I'm one of those typical, identity-confused young chics that were born in Iran and raised in the U.S. by Iranian parents, and who don't know which set of rules to adhere to. Anyways, where was I going with this?

Oh yes, the fateful email. So this chic that I consider way more "irooni" than myself has attached two links. The first was about learning to love Iranian men ["Loving an Iranian man"], and the second was for your article about Iranian women ["Loving an Iranian girl"]. I clicked on the first one first (duh! logically), and I almost trashed the email after reading most of the article, but for some odd reason, I clicked your link. It was well worth it.

Now I'm one of the first people waiting to poop on any Iranian man's parade about his opinions, but for reasons unbeknownst to myself, I read every single one of the articles that you had submitted to iranian.com. Mind you, I only frequent this type of site when my "vatan" urges hit, but alas I digress from my point.

I guess to sum up all this nonsense in four words; I like your work. A lot. Rarely can an author reach down to my inner guts and touch me in the deepest places of my Iranian soul, but you've done so with a lighthearted touch that only softened and brought to a glowing light my memories and experiences of Iranian culture and upbringing. your stories are honest and simple.

Your words are unpretentious. Is that a real word? You're damn funny for a disco-going, cellphone-toting, beemer-driving, hairy-chested, much (maybe?)-older-than-me Iranian guy. I guess I took a bit of artistic license with the last couple.

Now I hope this letter boosted your big fat Iranian MALE ego to prompt you to write some more articles. I'd love to read more of them. Please let me know if you have articles posted anywhere else on the web.


Amelia Adhami

(Yeah, yeah, go ahead and make some comment about the name. i'm just dying to hear it.)


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