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July 7, 2000

Loyalty to one's breed

Mr. Moallemian comes across as a politician desperate for votes ["Let's face it"]. His categorical support for the now-convicted spies in Iran can not be interpreted otherwise.

It is very easy to jump on the most cost effective bandwagon, especailly when it is the only way up. It's rather more courageous, but certainly the least cost effective in Canada, for an Iranian to give the benefit of the doubt to his own rather than try to please strangers and perpetuate the irrational and barbaric image of Iranians.

It's ironic the people that Mr. Moallemian are so passionately defending have used their clan mentallity so masterfully that they can not even be accused of spying let alone be convicted for it in the minds of many otherwise rational people.

On the other hand we as Iranians have been so quick to please our adversaries, with attitudes similar to Mr. Moallemian with lies and half truths, that we are not even given the benefit of the doubt if we accuse certain people of spying. I consider this a shame for all Iranians. Maybe he should learn from them a thing or two about loyalty to one's breed and nationality.

Amir Khosrow Dafari
Seattle, Washington


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