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July 11, 2000

I love the simplicity

Looking through The Iranian Arts section I saw your wonderful art work which I found unbelievably refreshing and unique ["Solitude"]. I love the simplicity of your drawings and the nature of your designs. They are contemporary and very pleasing to look at.

I myself am an amateur artist who works in more or less the same style, and have been looking to decorate my home with the same kinds of designs.

Perception of an art piece is always different depending who looks at it, and it should always be what looks good to it's creator. However, if I may humbly suggest something in your use of accent colors I hope you are not offended by it. I mean this comment more as a suggestion in case you are interested in someone else's opinion who has worked in this style.

I think the accent colors you dropped into the drawing by watercolor are wonderful and one of a kind. I wonder what you might think, about choosing brighter shades of same colors you used, as well as using something like acrylic or oil instead of watercolor.

The reason I suggest this is because I believe the contrast that a bright and "strong" color creates against your smooth and earth-tone design is going to give your work even more of the energy that you are trying to create in it.

Again let me say that I truly enjoyed discovering your work from across the world here in the U.S., and hope that you are not offended by my comment. I wish your continued success in your wonderful work.

Babak Motamedi


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