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June 12, 2000

Meritorious cause? YES

Whereas, having carefully and repeatedly read Poopak's Taati's piece with enthusiasm ["Long way to go"], I do find several points as presented therein that reflect the truth; nonetheless, I must disagree with her tone of despair and absence of specific recommendation for improvement with respect to those activities that pertain to the promotion of Iranian Americans in the US.

Yes, she is correct in characterizing Iranian American associations as young. Such associations, are, however, quite numerous and dynamic, and each with a sustained level of momentum, supported by hundreds of compatriots who provide their expertise, experiences, funds, etc. on a pro bono, in cognito basis to benefit the rather young Iranian American community, a community that has just begun to feel the taste of diaspora.

Are they each perfect? Absolutely NOT. Are they striving to follow a meritorious realistic cause? YES, absolutely.

This country is run by lobbyists to promote certain agenda based on a group's national origins, ethnicity, cultural heritage, race and color, specific professions and trades, etc. So, the notion of promoting Iranian American community's aspirations should not by any means be misconstrued as a "minority" agenda, since every other immigrant group (Greeks, Jews, Armenians, Irish, and so on) in the US has indeed followed the same path to promote itself.

One should also acknowledge that this vision will not be realized, unless socialist visionaries like Poopak Taati guide the community with specific plan of action, and appropriate process and means to bring about fruits to our community, as we Iranians are great in seeing the problem and criticism, but lack in providing a tangible solution and means to achieve it, aren't we?!

D. N. Rahndi, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
Pace University
New York


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