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May 23, 2000

Refresher course in history

Reference to Mrs. Pahlavi's letter:

First paragraph: false.

Second Paragraph, false: Political and economical deterioration threathened Iran in 1953 because the profit of countries such as Great Britain, the U.S and others was threathend due to the nationalization of the oil industry and the movemet that Dr. Mossadegh had started toward a democratic government. So instead we got the Shah's dictaorship, which naturally protected the interests of those countries particularily the U.S.

Third paragraph, false: When the Shah fled Iran before the coup, the majorty of Iranians didn't care if he returned or not . It was the will of the U.S. which didn't think Dr. Mossadegh was going to be a good serven. So they planned and implemented the 28th of Mordad coup.

Let's assume that the Shah' did serve the country in many ways -- that is if we compare his regime with the present regime -- but we also have to take into consideration that neither of these regimes were what Iranians would vote for or select.

If impartial historians write what we hope is the truth, Mrs. Pahlavi would realize that what she thinks about her husband is nowhere near the truth.

Who knows, maybe if the Shah had not returned and Dr. Mossadegh had stayed in power, we wouldn't have the present government and would have moved towards democracy a long time ago.

AIn conclusion, I suggest a referesher course in history for Mrs. Pahlavi.

F. Rafat


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