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May 24, 2000

Year of destiny

I have just returned from my second journey to Iran in three years. The latest amusing yet ominous saying amongst the Tehranis is 'For every akhoond there is a tree '.

With unemployment realistically over 35% and the poverty rate similar to that of the obscure third world African countries, the Iranian people have finally realized that they are indeed in a depression.

The consensus amongst the people is that the sixth parliament will directly move to reverse many of the laws passed by the fifth parliament and further move towards eliminating the present unelected institutions and judiciary system within the government, thus forcing the ruling akhoonds to shut down the new parliament, leaving no choice for the people but to secure their rights through another major upheaval.

Clearly this year shall be a year of destiny for Iran as was 1357. However the Iranian people will not make the same mistake of giving the ruling power to one man. Indeed the next Iranian government will strive to be a truly democratic one with the elected president and parliament working in harmony to serve the will of the people.

What shall remain of the bazaaris, will learn the hard way that they must cease their influence over the office of the president. For it is the bazaaris that are accumulating massive wealth through their strangle hold on Iran's economy, while dictating their economic agenda to the president.

One can almost feel sorry for the present rulers of Iran. When the time comes they will have to deal with fifty million plus angry and disillusioned men and women who are fantasising about hanging them from the trees. Those who will be able to get away can only hope to find refuge in countries like Tunisia or Somalia. Remember Carlos?

Kambiz Ameli


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