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May 3, 2000

Noble Drew Ali

I just happened to run across your page and read your comments about Noble Drew Ali and The Moorish Science Temple of America ["Islam in America"].

Since your comment about Moorish Science being a "combination on eastern philosophies and religions, Christianity, anti-white racism, and metaphysics," is incorrect, what I do suggest is that you actually read the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

When you are in a position to post a Web page, you should make sure that your information is correct. Or at least, if you have verifiable sources, members of the organization mentioned have something other than an opinion to contest.

Now I admire your initiative to do research into the origins of Islam in America. But I think that it will also benefit your readers greatly if you add in some other facts, which you can verify.

First, Noble Drew Ali was given the title Noble by the Queen of England.

Second, Drew Ali was the FIRST to teach Islam to the unconscious asiatics of North America.

Third, Moorish Science was an national AND divine movement. Just by reading Drew Ali's work, you can see this to be clear and evident.

Fourth, Drew Ali acted as ambassador to many nations, including the US to better the position of so-called black people in North America.

Everything I have said can be verified, including the fact that there are no Black people attached to the human family. If so, why isn't there a Black Nation, residing in the land of Black, flying a Black Flag?I leave you with such to ponder, in the unity of Islam.

C.E. Lewis


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