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May 25, 2000

Candle in the wind

For the majority of our planet's freedom-loving people a sad but hopeful fact is that democracy is not an eternal flame, but a candle in the wind. Thanks to a few "special" people, some of these candles resemble the comical birthday candles which are blown out but then suddenly ignite as if by magic.

That "magic" is the ideas, emotions, words and deeds of the likes of Dr. Mossadegh. It lies in the hearts and minds of people, often dormant for years, as it waits for the winds of oppression to calm and give it at least a fighting chance for survival.

But it never dies.

There is nothing rational, efficient, practical or even necessarily correct about magic. But magic is what magic does, and Dr. M's magic continues to light that candle in the hearts and minds of many of our compatriots - most of whom probably don't know and don't have the time to know all the ins and outs of Dr.M's struggle with politics, people and life, and believe you me, he had his fair share of all three.

Nevertheless, the fact that there was a Dr. M, gives them hope and a comforting feeling of continuity in their on-going struggle to protect the candle from the wind, with the dream of sitting around the eternal flame in the not so distant future, and perhaps remembering the founder of modern Iran, as they celebrate the dawn of a democratic Iran.

As we watch other nations realise their democratic dreams, let's celebrate our heroes with pride and let's build a future which they would have been proud of and god willing, which we ourselves shall cherish in our lifetime.

May he rest in peace.



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