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May 18, 2000

Stalinist tone

Dr Ali Reza Nourizadeh is probably one of the few rare journalists to have witnessed the dramatic upheavals that shook Iran in 1978-79 from close range. He is a hardworking man with a mature view of his country's current political processus.

I am always appalled by the strong Stalinist tone of some of the more radical so-called Leftist press ["Hezb-e Kargari Iran commentary"]. They seem to indulge in a plethora of accusations and personal mud slinging that always lowers the democratic framework practiced in most civilised socities.

Iran has never been a perfect model for democracy but there has always been a move towards that ideal yet the first thing that is always crushed is the respect for individual right's and freedoms. It may not be an exaggeration to say that no political party in Iran since the 1906 Constitutional Movement ever truly practiced democracy: ie. they talked and read about it but never practiced it.

I am sure Dr Nourizadeh will respond to this slander. He was a few months ago physically attacked at a seminar by Fedayeen hooligans. As someone who interviewed him I know for a fact that unlike the article's claim his father was never a molla but a lawyer and that his political opinions evolved with time as most of us Iranians are learning or hoping to do.

It is time that we really ask ourselves until when do we have to perpetuate the spirit of intolerence? Slander from any corner is suspect and does not serve any other purpose than to create badwill or score political points. In a democratic parliament the Fedayeen can learn to debate with other parties but god forbid if they come to power through undemocratic means. Then they would probably shoot Nourizadeh without a trial.

Let us not forget the role of the Fedayeen, Mujahedin and Islamists who unleashed the bloodbath of 1979 when 5,000 members of the Shah's army and civil service were massacred in Tehran alone. Hopefully, our politicians will grow up one day.

Cyrus Kadivar


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