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November 8, 2000

No matter who's president

It looks like George W. Bush is going to be elected as the next president of the United States. A friend said the following about the president-elect: George W. has his father's charisma, his mother's intelligence and ex-president Reagan's Alzheimer.

Nader cost Gore the election. I am not surprised that Nader received such a low percentage of votes. I met him in 1988 and I like him a lot as a person, he is an honest man. His free medical care sounded nice but who was going to pay for it? Healthcare does not have the strong lobbying group which military sector has. Moreover, implementing a free medical care system would not be easy in a capitalistic system.

Iran and Iranians should take care of themselves. Regardless of who is elected, Iranians must participate peacefully in the democratic process and voice their opinions. Our contributions must be recognized regardless of who is in the office.

Mohammad Ala


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