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November 1, 2000

The wrong man

Ramin Tabbib's article ["The best man"] in support of Al Gore strikes me as naïve. Gentlemen, you have picked the wrong man. Ramin Tabbib gives us a long list of Gore's credentials in support of his so-called great wit and fitness for the office. But don't be too impressed. The guy is as phony as hell. I won't be even surprised if we later learn that he cheated his way through the college. Surprisingly, Mr. Tabib failed to mention Al Gor's opportunistic exploits.

Al Gore's obsession with the Jewish vote and power is nothing new. In 1988 Al Gore run for the president for the first time. This was just a few months after the beginning of the Palestinian uprising (Intafada). Because of the worldwide publicity around the Israeli atrocities toward the Palestinians hardly any politician dared to publicly support the Israeli policy. Al Gore was the first politician to do so. One day he appeared in a news conference-with the Israeli Prime Minister Shamir on his side- shamelessly announcing his support for the Israeli policy toward the Palestinians.

Of course, I don't believe he cares much about the Jews or Israel for that matter. The guy realizes where the money and power in this country is. He even recently tried to opportunistically use the Elian Gonzales debacle to his advantage by aligning himself with the Cuban exiles-in spite of the Clinton administration's policy on the issue.

To me Al Gore is an opportunist of the worst kind; a guy without any morals and integrity. He may be smarter than Bush, but there is no evidence that Bush is even remotely as sleazy as Al Gore is.

This is in no way intended to be an argument in support of Bush. But even ignoring the likelihood of a more hostile American administration under Gore with its policy of intensifying the sanctions, which would hurt the Iranian people much more than the regime, the presidential race for the Iranian community is the choice of who is the lesser evil. In this regard, I have no doubt that the answer is Bush.

J. Namazi


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