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November 16, 2000

Nothing more than cows

In response to Banafsheh Pirasteh's article "Happy withoiut you", let state that I have had an opportunity to get to know her to some extent over a brief period of time by email. While I would be inclined to presuppose that her vindictive ad hominem attacks against me would make her induce a particular rational condemning all Iranian men, I dare say that this is not indeed the case. Rather it is clearly understandable for her argument to have some merit to it; it is nonetheless a completely prejudicial, venomous exposé of the mind of perhaps the vast majority of Iranian women who were raised in North America!

I had thought out a very detailed counterargument, point by point, to her insidious insinuations and accusations against men, but simply feel it would not do any good. Therefore, thank you Miss Pirasteh for all of your wonderful effort and speaking on behalf of most men, I say BRAVO to you and your like minded colleagues in your search for love or lust, or egomaniacal self-aggrandizement!

The lovely young ladies of Iran are truly beautiful, faithful and sincere. They are no less in terms of education, independence, or successfulness in comparison to their counterparts in the U.S. Thank God!

Without ugliness we can not know beauty; without pain we can not feel friendship; without ignorence we can not appreciate wisdom. Without these women here we can not know those true darlings back in Iran.

I was going to write about Miss Pirasteh's comments regarding "experiences" and our supposed "fear" and so on but the reality is that my experiences with so-called Iranian-American women since my trips to Iran have only made me more pleased with the Iranian ladies in Iran. In summation, the difference isn't just chastity, it is also the ability to go for the long-haul and while marriage and any other kind of life must be built on mutual respect and proper expectations, I think it is completely lacking in the women in this society.

Perhaps it is due to the ubiquitousness of the media? The excessive promiscuity of the society? Or maybe it is better to just look into the eyes of one of these Iranian-American girls and you will see a socio-pathic, ruthless, cold-blooded self-centered attitude fully developed in this materialistic and hedonistic society. They are so self-assured they are almost masculine and as "torshideh" as they may become, they are still nothing more than cows in my opinion. Just looking at their eyes you will see a Western woman. There is no gracefulness or propriety, just nothing to be coveted.

The women in this county have it tough, and I wish them luck.

Cyrus Raafat


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