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November 22, 2000

Grow up, for God's sake

I just read your article, "Real Iranian girls?". I am sorry and embarassed for you. I'm sorry that Iranian girls here won't look at you twice. It's quite obvious from your article that you want them and they simply don't fancy you.

I'm an Iranian-American girl, 27, who has lived here from a young age. I found your piece to be hysterical. And also uninformed. You see, I have also traveled back to Iran, and lived there for some time, and mingled with Iranian youth. Let's get a few things straight: things you will never know directly unless a real woman tells you.

If you think there is a single "untouched piece of cake" in Iran, you are a very dumb man. Generation X women in Iran are probably the most "touched" on this earth. You will have better luck in New York's Central Park.

You know, only dumb fucking men like you buy into that crap. Wake up dumb Iranian men!! How long will Iranian women be able to fool you? It's all a lie. Grow up, for God's sake, you are an embarassment to our nation and culture!!!

But, for any dumb young men like Cyrus out there who don't know any better, women today in Iran start having sex usually in their teens, and once they start they don't stop, because it's not love or affection or emotions which rule when they have sex; misplaced and mistaught values have taught them that if their hymen breaks, oh well, then the rest doesn't matter. In other words, if I do it once, it doesn't matter how many time I do it.

Those who try to hold out, have anal sex with all of their boyfriends, and believe me there are many boyfriends. And there are always the hymen reconstruction operations which many doctors have gotten rich from performing.

The only "values" which are instilled in young people in Iran is to lie, lie, lie. That warped culture creates weak men and deceptive women, and extremely unsuccessful relationships with people who don't understand the uniqueness of their situation.

Those men who live here and need to go back to that culture in search of some power and acceptance are weak men. My friend, that means you. Any woman who marries you in Iran will be looking for a visa, and a weak and stupid man.

Mojdeh Mohseni


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