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November 22, 2000

That time of the month?

As an Iranian man I resent your article ["Happy without you"]. You were either very mad at the time you wrote this article and/or you were on your monthly period.

I have read and listened to many such arguments and most of them were from women who were deprived of fatherly love. Most of you suffer depression for being overweight, ugly or suffer from lack of attention from Iranian men who may find you less desirable.

Some of you envy virgin girls because you slept with your Western sweetheart and the next night found him with someone else. Some were molested at a young age by a close relative or parent or friend.

You will definitely fit in one or all of the categories above.

Do you consider your father and brother also as Iranian men or do they have a place above all other Iranian men? I think you have major problems, I recommend you see Dr. Holakoii if you live in Los Angeles.

Farzad Farahani


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