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November 1, 2000

Raw destruction

For those of us who were out of Iran by the time the war wit Iraq had begun, I don't think it is possible to imagine what must have been happening there in the early 1980's. It was a period of chaos and terror, and one which we were wholly absent as we were beginning lives here and around the world.

For the Iranian who left, hearing about the war with Iraq was an unreal, distant atrocity reported by cold, distant American journalists who often made no mention of gravity of the situation, nor gave us the images to understand what exactly was going on over there.

These photos of Khorramshahr ["Rape"] end any kind of doubt as to what transpired in Iran during the war. They powerfully communicate the raw destruction and suffering endured by our brothers and sisters back home during those dark and turbulent years, and provoked a deep reflection in me...the revolution that turned life upside down and a war that turned what little remaining shred of sanity inside out--it made me realize how little we know about who our people have become and how far our paths have diverged from them.

Bravo to the photographer and I hope that this exhibit evokes some sense of the incredible price that was paid by the Iranian people in the Iran-Iraq War.

Roozbeh Shirazi


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